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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

About Us

The Chattahoochee Valley Wounded Warriors Association (CVWWA)) began as a private organization in 2011. The initial purpose of the organization was to provide activities for Warriors assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion (now the SRU) recovering from injuries sustained while preparing for deployment or while deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in the fight on the Global War on Terror.  In 2014, the organization realized that Warriors assigned to Fort Benning (now Ft. Moore) and those living in the surrounding communities could also benefit from recreational activities (horseback riding, fishing, bowling, and cycling) that the organization was offering. With that in mind, the organization applied for and received its 501(c)3 status in 2015. Since 2011, the CVWWA has impacted over 5,000 Warriors and their dependents.    

The goal of the CVWWA is to host a minimum of four 3 to 4-day events designed to make a lasting and positive impact on the Warriors’ morale and build camaraderie and resilience.  When attending events there is no cost imposed on the Warriors. All meals, lodging, and all associated fees are covered using funds received through donations and fundraisers. The desired outcome is to have Warriors meet other Warriors, build a sense of belonging, and communicate with those who speak their language. The project also improves the mental fitness and mental well-being of the Warriors that participate continuously. 

3-Pillars of the Organization


Spiritual Fitness

Nature has the ability to be imbued with spiritual power and significance. Forests, lakes, and mountains often invoke a feeling of the divine or inspire a sense of awe. They are a resource that people may use to connect to the sacred and to generate spiritual feelings.

Yoga Pose

Mental Fitness

There are a variety of mental wellness benefits that are associated with being outdoors. Just being outside can:

  • Lower risk of depression

  • Increase stress recovery

  • Restore strength in our mental capacities

  • Increase focus and attention

  • Boost your mood


Physical Fitness

Research shows that those who exercise outdoors burn 10% more calories when they walk or run than they do when they work out on a treadmill at the same speed. When exercising outdoors, the distractions of your surroundings take your mind off the work of working out. 

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